Google Camera For vivo v30

If you own a vivo v30, you know how important the camera is for taking photos and videos that look good. But the default camera app might not be giving you the best results. The Google Camera (GCAM) can help with that. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to download Google Camera on your vivo v30 and how to use it to take great photos and videos. It is well known that the quality of many Android phones falls short of expectations, especially when using the stock camera app.

It’s a frustrating experience when you’re looking forward to capturing those precious moments, but the pictures turn out to be below average. It’s not entirely the device’s fault, as smartphone makers also play a role in downgrading the results.

But here’s the good news! 

With the latest GCAM Ports, you can easily solve these problems. If you’re an Android user, you probably already know this app. However, if this is the first time you’ve heard of it, let’s dive into the necessary details.

Vivo GCAM Port
Vivo Gcam Port

Vivo Gcam ports are a game-changer in the world of smartphone photography. They have more advanced features and better image processing than the camera app that came with your phone.

The GCAM Ports give users a lot of choices for fine-tuning their camera settings, such as manual controls for focus, shutter speed, and ISO. They also come with a large selection of filters and effects that can make your photos look even better. You can use the vivo v30 Gcam ports to take pictures of beautiful landscapes or portraits.

In summary, the vivo v30 Gcam ports are a must-have for anyone who wants to capture high-quality photos with their smartphone.

What is GCam APK or Google Camera?

Google Camera, commonly known as GCam APK, is a camera app for Android smartphones that was made by Google. It is made to help people take better photos by giving them access to features that aren’t in the stock camera app that comes with most smartphones. 

GCam apk logo new

So, Google created this cool app for their Pixel phones. Lots of people love this app because it’s even better than the default camera app that comes with other phone brands. In fact, many folks believe it’s the top camera app for Android out there!

However, if you’re not using a Pixel phone and still want to use GCAM, no worries! You can easily get the latest and most stable Gcam APK file for your Android device. did you know you can use the Google Camera app instead of the boring old camera app that comes with your Android phone? All you gotta do is download the APK file and install it!

You can take much better pictures than with your phone’s default camera if you use these features and other software upgrades. The app is meant to improve the quality of photos taken with a smartphone by adding new features like the ones above.

Google Camera Vs vivo v30 Stock Camera

When it comes to smartphone cameras, it’s all about taking the perfect photo. As a result, choosing the right camera app can make all the difference. We’ll compare the Google Camera app and the stock camera app found on the vivo v30.

We’ll look at each app’s features, how well it works, and how good the pictures are so you can choose the best one for you.

Performance in low light: People often say that the Google Camera app is one of the best for taking pictures in low light. The Night Sight mode of the app takes bright and clear photos even when there isn’t much light. On the other hand, the Nightscape mode of the vivo v30 works well in low-light situations, producing images that are bright, clear, and have little noise.

Dynamic Range: Dynamic range is a camera’s ability to get details in both bright and dark parts of an image. The Google Camera app’s HDR+ mode is known for taking photos with a good range of light and dark, and the vivo v30’s Ultra HD Mode does the same thing well.

Sharpness and Detail: The Google Camera app is better than the stock camera app on the vivo v30 when it comes to sharpness and detail. Even when you zoom in, the Super Res Zoom feature takes photos that are clear and detailed. The HDR+ mode of the app also makes images clearer and sharper.

Noise Reduction: The advanced algorithms and software optimization in the Google Camera app also does a great job of reducing noise. Even when there isn’t much light, the app takes pictures with little noise, while the stock camera app on the vivo v30 has trouble doing this.

After looking at the features, performance, and image quality of both the Google Camera app and the stock camera app on the vivo v30, it’s clear that each has its own pros and cons.

The Google Camera app does a great job in low light, focusing quickly, being sharp, and reducing noise. The Nightscape and Chroma Boost features of the vivo v30 stock camera app, on the other hand, make images that are colorful and lively.

Gcam Latest Version for vivo v30

After this app became so popular, many developers made a modified version of Google Camera Port and are working on the Gcam APK for Vivo devices, but it could be hard to choose between them.

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But you don’t have to worry about that because we have a short list of the best Google Camera ports for your vivo v30 device, so you can easily download them and start using those great features right away.

Looking for a camera upgrade that’ll knock your socks off? Look no further than this great BSG GCam Port! Whether you’re rocking Android 13 or an older version, these apps have got you covered, and they’re even compatible with a range of other devices, too!

For a developer-approved option, check out Arnova 8G 2’s GCam port. This app is a favorite among users because it gets new features and is updated often.

But if you’re a Vivo user, you can’t go wrong with the Greatness GCam port. It works with everything you need and has a stable RAW setting that will make your photos stand out. We’re not saying it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but… well, you get the idea!

Top Features of the Google Camera (GCam)

Pixel phones come with a pre-installed application called Google Camera. This particular application gives the phone many valuable features, such as the ability to take full-resolution time lapses or shoot black and white photos in a traditional photo booth style. You can even use it to record slow-motion video at 120 frames per second!

Looking to capture some epic shots on your Android device? Look no further than the Google Camera! You’re going to love this app – it’s packed with awesome features that will make taking amazing photos and videos a breeze. Get ready to capture stunning, high-quality images that will impress everyone!

Don’t you believe us? Check out some of the app’s standout features below:

???? Smart Burst

Google Camera’s Smart Burst lets you take numerous images quickly. This is useful for action photographs and fast-moving subjects.

???? HDR+

Google Camera’s HDR+ helps you take great photos in low light. HDR+ employs computational photography to combine multiple exposures into a single image with enhanced dynamic range and detail. This function lets you take excellent low-light images.

???? Night Vision

Night Sight mode revolutionizes low-light photography. Google Camera’s Night Sight option is ideal for nighttime landscapes and indoor images without a flash.

???? Lens Integration

Google Lens lets you search the internet for information about real-world things using your camera. Google Lens detects things, scans QR codes, and translates text in real time. Google Camera integrates with Google Lens, so you may use it without switching apps.

???? Lens Blur

Lens Blur can also improve your images. This tool blurs the background of your images, highlighting your topic. You can modify the focus point and blur after capturing the photo.

???? Switch Quickly

Google Camera simplifies switching photo modes. Swipe left or right on the camera interface to switch modes. When capturing a fast-moving subject, this capability is highly beneficial.

???? Portrait Mode

Smartphones have a popular portrait mode for taking great photos. Advanced depth-sensing technology blurs the background and creates a bokeh effect to highlight your subject. Google Camera’s portrait option produces amazing photos with natural bokeh.

???? Photo effects

Google Camera has several innovative photo effects. Black-and-white, color pop, and 360-degree photos are among these effects. These effects might help you take standout images.

???? Change Photo Modes

. Swipe left or right on the camera interface to switch modes. When capturing a fast-moving subject, this capability is highly beneficial.

???? HDR/low-light detection

Google Camera automatically detects low light and HDR. The camera automatically adjusts settings for the best photo in low light or HDR situations. ц

???? Switch Fast

Switching modes quickly is another great Google Camera function. Users can swipe to switch between Night Sight, Portrait, and other camera modes. Smartphone consumers love the Google Camera because of its simplicity. It makes day and night photography easy.

???? Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is another favorite. Bokeh blurs the background, highlighting the subject in this setting. Over time, the Google Camera’s Portrait feature has developed to take professional-looking photographs. Users can modify image focus and blur to get the desired outcome.

???? Photo Effects

Google Camera users may modify ISO, shutter speed, and white balance for the perfect photo. Users can quickly apply vintage, black-and-white, or other filters to their photographs.

???? Change Photo Modes

The Google Camera also has panorama, slow-motion, and time-lapse modes. Its adaptability lets consumers take several different photos with one smartphone. Google Camera can capture breathtaking landscapes and fast-moving objects.

???? HDR/Low Light Detection

Google Camera detects HDR and low light well. The camera turns to Night Sight mode when it senses low light, capturing excellent shots even in complete darkness. This is useful for nighttime and low-light photography. HDR+ improves Google Camera photos. It combines numerous exposures to create a high-quality image.

???? Slow-Motion Videos

Google Camera takes photographs and slow-motion films. This captures a few brief moments. Slow-motion footage captures a child’s first steps or a dog catching a frisbee in breathtaking detail.

???? Make GIFs

Google Camera users may generate GIFs from photographs and videos. GIFs are fun and creative ways to communicate a moment. Google Camera users may create and share GIFs.

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???? Magnify Images and Videos

Eventually, Google Camera magnifies photos and videos. This tool helps zoom in on a picture or video. It helps consumers perceive details in various scenarios.

More Features

You’ll love using Super Res Zoom, AR Emojis, Google Lens, TimeLapse, Slow-Motion, Picture Stabilization, Astrophotography mode, and Photosphere. Plus, there’s, even more, to enjoy with Portrait mode, RAW, ZSL, Flash, AR Stickers, HDR, HDR+, and HDR+ enhanced. Give it a try and see how awesome your photos can be!

GCam: What’s Working?

  • HDR+ Enhanced
  • Portrait Mode
  • Night Sight
  • Astrophotography Mode
  • And More (Likely Everything)

GCam What’s Not Working?

There isn’t any report about the mode that’s not working.

Additionally, there are more amazing features, which is why this camera is found in the phones of people who love photography.

Please feel free to utilize different GCAM APK Mods. If some of the features do not work, please try using different config files.

Check Camera2API on vivo v30

If this doesn’t work, the installation could have failed because of the following: To find out if your device has Camera2 API support:

1. Go to the Google Play Store and get the Camera2 API Probe app.

2. Start the app and look for the section called “Hardware Support Level.”

camera2 api probe results

3. If the support level says “LEGACY,” your device doesn’t support Camera2 API. If “LIMITED” or “FULL” shows up, your device supports Camera2 API.

Method 2:

  • First, download and install the Manual Camera Compatibility App from your app store.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and click “Start” to start the test. 
  • The app will automatically check to see if your Android phone or tablet has the Camera2 API, and you’ll see the results in just a few seconds. 
Check Camera2 API support
  • The software will automatically check for the Camera2 API on your Android device and provide the findings in a few seconds. 
  • Congratulations if you have a green tick in all five parts! The Camera2 API on your phone is enabled and ready to go.

Now it’s easy to put Google Camera or other Manual Camera apps on your phone so you can use all of their great features. 

To Enable Camera2 API:

  • Turn on Developer Options by going to Settings About Phone Build Number and tap it seven times.
  • Open Developer Options by going back to Settings.
  • Scroll down until you find “Camera2 API,” then flip the switch to turn it on.

Note: On some devices, you may need root access to turn on Camera2 API, so make sure you have the right permissions before moving on.

After you enable Camera2 API, you will notice that your device’s camera works much better. You will be able to use advanced camera features like manual focus, ISO, shutter speed, and RAW capture. You will also be able to use third-party camera apps that need support for Camera2 API.

So, why don’t you do it? Enable Camera2 API today to give your device’s camera a boost!

Download Google Camera Port for vivo v30

The Google Camera port for vivo v30 is easy to get. With just a few clicks, you can take beautiful photos and videos like a pro.

File NameGCam APK
Latest Version9.2

Say goodbye to blurry, low-quality pictures and hello to images that are clear, bright, and stand out. Whether you love taking photos or just love taking selfies, the Google Camera port is the best tool for all your imaging needs.

So, why don’t you do it? Get the Google Camera port for vivo v30 today and step up your photography game!

Install Google Camera APK on vivo v30

You can install the Google Camera APK file in the same way as any other third-party APK file. This does not require rooting or enabling the Camera2 API on your device. Just follow the below steps to easily install the Google Camera app.

Step 1: Download the Google Camera APK file from our website ( You can easily find it on the internet with a simple search.

Step 2: Once the APK file is downloaded, locate it in your phone’s storage and tap on it to start the installation process.

Step 3: If your phone prompts you about the installation from unknown sources, simply enable the option in your phone settings to proceed.

Step 4: Wait for the installation process to complete. This may take a few minutes, depending on your device.

How To Install Google Camera Mod In Any Android

Step 5: Finally, open the app to start using the amazing camera features. 

Attention, please! If you try to get the Google Camera app on your vivo v30 phone, you might get an error message.

But don’t worry, we are here to tell you a good solution to this issue.

Some apps don’t install properly. There may be an error that needs to be fixed, or it could just be slow. Follow these steps to get the app working.

  • Open Settings From the Menu
  • Then click on Apps, then look for Google Camera,
  • Click on Storage & Cache → Clear storage and Clear Cache.
clear app data or cached data

If the installation doesn’t work, then it’s probably because the thing you installed doesn’t work.

  • You can uninstall Google Camera app from your device.
  • Check Camera2API support on your vivo v30 smartphone model.
  • The vivo v30 smartphone doesn’t have the older or latest Android update.
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Recommended Settings:

  • Open the GCam app launch Settings select Advanced.
  • Tap on Fix RAW format select RAW_sensor.
  • Set the final JPG quality to 100%.
  • That’s it. Enjoy the Google Camera.

GCam Config File Download For vivo v30

Once you have opened the Google camera, tap any black area, and then select the config file you have downloaded. Tap RESTORE to make any changes you have made permanent. After you have done this, the Google camera will restart and be available for use.

Steps to Load/Import XML Config Files on vivo v30?

Follow these steps to load or import XML configuration files on your vivo v30:

  • First, make sure that the XML config file is saved on your device or in the cloud.
  • Open the Setting app on your vivo v30.
  • Scroll down to the “System & updates” option and click on it.
  • Click “Backup and restore.”
  • Choose the option to “Import from storage.”
  • Tap on the XML configuration file you want to import.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to finish importing.
  • When the import is done, you should see a message telling you so.
  • You can then go back to the Settings app and make sure that the settings from the XML config file have been used.

Note: The exact steps may be a little different depending on which version of the ColorOS your device is using.

Benefits of using the GCam App

  • Enhanced Low-Light Photography
  • Improved HDR+ Mode
  • Increased Dynamic Range
  • Ability to Use Third-Party Lenses
  • More Advanced Settings and Features


  • Compatibility Issues
  • Performance Limitations
  • Lack of Security
  • Limited Manual Controls


Why does my GCam App keep stopping?

There could be multiple reasons why the GCam App keeps stopping. One of the common reasons could be that the app is not compatible with your device or the Android version you are using. Another reason could be that the app is not updated to the latest version, which may cause compatibility issues.

Is Google Camera Better than a Stock Camera?

It depends on the device and the specific stock camera app that is being compared to Google Camera. In some cases, Google Camera may offer better features and performance, while in other cases, the stock camera app may be optimized better for the device’s hardware. It is best to try both and see which works best for the individual user’s needs and preferences.

Is GCam APK safe to install on Android?

It is generally safe to install GCam APK on Android, but it is important to download it from a reputable source and ensure that the version you are installing is compatible with your device

What are all the features of GCam?

The lens mode in Google Camera blurs like a DSLR camera, which makes the background look pretty spectacular. Not only does it add a professional touch to your photos, but it also creates a stunning depth effect that draws the viewer’s eye to the subject.

What is the performance of their back cameras using GCam in low light?

When using the night view on GCam, the photos can take brilliant images in low light, the shadows are handled very well, and the images are brighter and more detailed than stock cameras.

 Does the vivo v30 have a macro camera?

 You can use macro cameras with this version of GCam.

What’s the dynamic range on vivo v30 with GCam?

It may vary depending on the model and the camera application used. It is advisable to check the specifications or reviews of the device to determine the dynamic range of vivo v30 with GCam.

What is the GCam performance of vivo v30 indoors?

The vivo v30 camera will produce much sharper and more detailed images than the stock camera on Your phone.

Will GCam on vivo v30 solve oversaturation?

Yes, it definitely does. The color is natural and detailed.

How are the selfies using GCam on the vivo v30?

You can take very good selfies, the images are not over-saturated, and GCam preserves all the natural colors, however, you may find normal daylight selfies darker than ones with a stock camera.

How does GCam perform in low light or with no light?

The GCam night sight is very effective and produces remarkable results. I promise you will be blown away when you see it for yourself.

Is GCam stable on vivo v30?

 Yes, it is very much stable. There are always other mods you can try if things do not work.


Now, anyone can follow the steps to download and install Google Camera on vivo v30.

In conclusion, the Google Camera APK is a must-have for vivo v30 owners who want to capture stunning photos and videos. With its advanced features and optimized performance, you can get the best possible results from your device. 

We hope this article has helped you understand how to install and use the Google Camera app on your vivo v30. Give it a try and start capturing beautiful memories today!

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